The Tonon Bioenergia Group is committed to harmonizing its activities with the tenets of environmental conservation, thereby building a healthy work environment for sustainable development and ongoing improvement throughout its production process.

Some of the primary sustainable practices adopted by the Group include:

  • Survey of Aspects and Impacts;
  • Rational Use of Water;
  • Environmental Monitoring Programs;
  • Wastewater Treatment, Monitoring and Management;
  • Environmental Licensing and Legislation;
  • Solid Waste Management;
  • Protection and Restoration of Environmental Reserve and APP Areas
  • Environmental Emergency Plan (EEP), Natural Safety and Protection Systems;
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility;
  • Life in Action Program (geared towards internal and external audiences), involving the following aspects: Family, Community, Education, Health, Safety, Leisure and Culture;
  • Environmental Education, Training, Information and Motivation Program;
  • 4R Program - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink;
  • Gradual Burn Reduction Program (PEQ);
  • Stillage Application Plan (PAV);
  • Cogeneration of Renewable Energy - Carbon Credits (CDM);
  • Land-Use Program;
  • Biological Control of Pests in Sugarcane Crops;
  • Rational Use of Pesticides - Storage and Disposal of Packaging;
  • Use of Geotechnologies in Agricultural and Environmental Management;
  • Environmental Certifications.

Human Resources and Sustainability Committee

This committee was established to discuss, define and monitor the strategic actions related to Human Resources and Sustainability, in keeping with the Group‘s social and environmental responsibility.

The Committee covers the following areas:

  • Industrial and Agricultural
  • Environment
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Social Services and Human Resources
  • Organizational Development and Management
  • Procurement

Life in Action Program

The Program represents an ethical commitment by Tonon Bioenergia, established through the development of a program to manage environmental and social practices, education, health, safety and leisure, involving its employees and the local community.

The program includes initiatives focused on the following areas:

  • Red Line: Family
  • Orange Line: Community
  • Yellow Line: Education
  • Green Line: Environment
  • Blue Line: Health and Safety
  • Indigo Line: Leisure
  • Purple Line: Culture

Supplier Qualification Program (PQF)

Tonon Bioenergia’s Vista Alegre Unit, in partnership with the Mato Grosso do Sul Federation of Industries (FIEMS) and the Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL) of Campo Grande (MS), launched, in Maracaju (MS), the Supplier Qualification Program, focused on environmental awareness and training for the development and improvement of its partners with respect to social and environmental issues, involving topics such as:

  • Environmental Management and Legal Aspects
  • Strategic and Business Management
  • Environmental Quality Management
  • Social Responsibility
  • Workplace Health and Safety

The Vista Alegre Unit’s Supplier Qualification Program (PQF) brings together civil society organizations, the private sector, land owners (suppliers), partners and the government, who simultaneously work on three different fronts, all of which are of vital importance to the preservation and restoration of the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources: 1) conservation and restoration of ecological processes; 2) conservation of biodiversity; 3) shelter and protection of native flora and fauna.

The Supplier Qualification Program (PQF) aims to:

  • Encourage the development of the local supply chain;
  • Promote environmental sustainability throughout the chain;
  • Modernize management and raise awareness regarding the regularization of rural properties;
  • Align with the country’s sustainable development process.

Social Responsibility

The Tonon Group’s concern for people‘s welfare goes beyond its units. Our employees are heavily involved in the communities and charitable organizations of Bocaina (SP) and Maracaju (MS) so that our initiatives are not limited to the donation of money or food.

In addition, Ethos Indicators of Corporate Social Responsibility serve as an instrument for assessing and enhancing the decision-making process. It is essentially a tool for internal use, which allows for an assessment of the management of socially responsible practices, as well as the planning of strategies and the monitoring of the company‘s overall performance. The indicators cover topics such as Values and Transparency, Internal Audience, Suppliers, Consumers and Clients, Community, Government and Society (INSTITUTO ETHOS, 2000).

Environmental and Social Certifications

Tonon Bioenergia’s prioritization and commitment to social and environmental issued are reflected in the Group’s certifications, which include:

  • Carbon Credit Certificate: Received by the Santa Cândida Unit (SP) and issued by the Internationally Accredited Certification Company TUVNORD, to valid the Carbon Credits in 2006. The unit was one of the first mills in Brazil to be certified and obtain authorization from the UN to market the credits received through Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects with its Electricity Generation System using Sugarcane Bagasse, which contributed to a decrease in CO2 in the atmosphere.
  • International RTFO Sustainability Certification - "Bioethanol Sustainability Programme": Certified in both of its units, Tonon Bioenergia received this important international social and environmental certification in 2009 (with annual validations), which reflects its adherence to the sustainability principles for marketing biofuels in Europe. The Vista Alegre Unit was the first in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul to obtain this type of certification.
  • Agro-environmental Certificate from the State of São Paulo (Green Ethanol Protocol): Annually renewed certification, with commitments made to the State of São Paulo to reduce the burning of sugarcane, along with a variety of other environmental improvements with established goals.
  • Friendly Company Certificate (Amaral Carvalho Foundation): Awarded to companies that maintain relationships with the surrounding communities.
    Tonon Bioenergia’s units are in the process of being evaluated for two additional international certificates that would boost its foreign trade in biofuels in 2011. They are:

a) International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) Certification - German certification for marketing throughout the European community.

b) United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certification - US certification for marketing in the United States.