Tonon Bioenergia S.A.

Tonon Group, Tonon Bioenergia S.A., is a sugar, ethanol and energy producer with operations in the Southeast and Midwest regions of Brazil. The Group cultivates, harvests, purchases and processes sugarcane, from which is produced granulated refined sugar, very high polarization, or VHP, sugar and anhydrous and hydrous ethanol to sell domestically and export. It also provides sugarcane bagasse by-products in exchange for electricity to power its industrial operations through co-generation.

Currently, Tonon Bioenergia conducts its sugar and ethanol operations through three mills located in the Southeast and Midwest regions of Brazil: Santa Cândida in Bocaina, São Paulo; Paraíso in Brotas, São Paulo; and Vista Alegre, in Maracaju, Mato Grosso do Sul. The three mills have a combined sugarcane crushing capacity of approximately 8.2 million tons per harvest period.

More than fifty years after its foundation, Tonon Bioenergia is always looking towards the future, reaffirming its commitment to develop and cultivate technologies, methodologies, principles and processes with the same enthusiasm it had at the very first harvest, and over these years the Group has shown its ability to innovate and diversify its businesses through major strategic moves.

In that sense, the trust and credibility acquired by the Tonon Group has allowed the company to become the first in the sugar and energy sector to carry out an operation in partnership with Fundo Terra Viva, with participation from BNDESPar (Brazilian Development Bank), FINEP (Financing Agency for Studies and Projects), PETROS, FUNCEF (Federal Savings Foundation) PREVI, FUNCHESF, BANESPREV, FIBRA and DGF.

Tonon Bioenergia is also committed to sustainability in all of its actions and initiatives, which is reflected in the way it runs its business, which generates more than 4,000 direct jobs, protects the environment and relates to its customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which it operates.